Siril Perrono


Home: Bourg-Blanc

Kiting since: 2005

Why you like kiteboading? Plug and Play!! 

Disciplines: freeride / freestyle / wave

Home Spot: Côte nord Finistère 

Favourite spot: Secret wave spot and secret freeride spot on the north coast Finistère. 

Favourite Setup: Primadonna 8 & 11 ; Chitchat NEO 130 ; Opium 5“11 strapless 

Favourite Tricks: bottom in the wave and big air kiteloop in the strong condition

Your Plans for 2013/14: develop and relaunch JN Kites for France by a proximity marketing and service practitioners in direct contact with opinion leaders involved in local development that do the same job I'm doing. Identify Wekite France-Store as an importer & distributor JN Kites for France.