First place Round 1 British Championships, juniors freestyle

Harry Way

United Kingdom

Bantham, South Devon, England

Why do you like kiteboarding?

I love the adrenaline and the endless variety of tricks. It's a good way to release energy and it never gets boring.

Your plans for the upcoming season:

To compete in the other legs of the Bristish freestyle championships and to become British Junior Champion 2015. I would like to compete in the European Junior Championships in 2016 also in various other smaller Britsh freestyle events in 2015 to get more competition experience. I am currently being coached by Rich Boughton of JN UK and Jo Wilson and am part of the British Youth Development team sponsored by British Kitesports.

Disciplines: Freestyle

Home Spot: Bantham, South Devon, England.

Favourite Spot: Egypt, Soma Bay

Favourite JN- Setup:

Prima Donna 11m (Powered) as it has awesome performance for freestyle! Chit Chat Reloaded 138 with boots, due to great flexibility and pop resulting in a all round perfect board for freestyle. This set-up suits me as I love to ride with power and low unhooked tricks.

Favourite Tricks:

Unhooked backroll to toe, unhooked kite loop